Cogo's Cannabis Fertilizer Formula = AWARD WINNING Plants
Cogo's Original Cannabis Nutrient Formula was used extensively by the legendary “Seed Bank of Holland”. Cogo’s original cannabis formula has been used to grow award winning cannabis flowers at the Cannabis Cup Dutch Harvest Festival in Holland from 1986 thru the early 1990’s.

Cogo’s Original Marijuana Fertilizer Formula is produced by Gourmet Gardens – a company that specializes in soil-less gardening equipment and plant specific fertilizers.

Gourmet Gardens has been featured in GM Pro Greenhouse as “Innovator of the Year” and also in Growing Edge Magazine.

Gourmet Gardens has researched the developed special outdoor and indoor gardening equipment for your home garden, your greenhouse, or on your patio.

Owner Ray Cogo of Gourmet Gardens had his start in the Netherlands Holland in the early 1980’s as a investor in a Coffeeshop and Seed Bank. After 2 years, in Holland, Ray Cogo purchased 5 plant/crop specific formulations for soil-less farming. These 5 formulations are the ORIGINAL DUTCH cannabis fertilizer formulations for hydroponics.

Marijuana Fertilizer - Cogo's Original Cannabis NutrientsCogo’s Original Marijuana Fertilizer Formula was used extensively by the legendary “Seed Bank of Holland”. Cogo’s original cannabis formula has been used to grow award winning cannabis flowers at the Cannabis Cup Dutch Harvest Festival in Holland from 1986 thru the early 1990’s.

Ray Cogo brought this formulation to a leader in the fertilizer industry. Cog’s revolutionized the marijuana fertilizer industry with their fine ground calcium and magnesium formulations. This fine ground process keeps Cogo’s Original Cannabis Nutrient Formula in Ionic form even in cold water.


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Cogo’s Original Cannabis Fertilizer Formula
is an all-purpose grow and bloom that produces quality results and and saves you money by eliminating the need to by two types of fertilizer. This product is formulated with cannabis nutrient carriers that contain no unnecessary ingredients to interfere with plant growth, which can pollute nutrient solutions and eventually cause unnecessary vegetative growth. This formula contains no CHLORIDE or SODIUM and is formulated with calcium nitrates that encourage a larger and stronger plant cell structure.

This formula is an all purpose Grow and Bloom fertilizer.

1 Complete Nutrition
2 Balanced Nutrients
3 Environmental Protection
4 Dissolves Quickly
5 Fully Ionic State
6 Blended by a licensed Chemist

Here is a video showing gains obtained by using Cogo’s Original Cannabis Fertilizer Formula.

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The produce here at Kensington Cellars has doubled since we've started using Cogo's nutrients. The taste and aroma from the cured flowers is unlike any I have produced before with several other nutrient lines. Cogo's nutrients are all ionic and complete, meaning no more adding cal/mag because of a nutrient deficiency in your nutrients or water. We use city water with no detriment to the plants. There is no more mixing of 20 different bottles of manure, with Cogo's you can use the 2-part professional line or one of (2) 1-part lines (one for hydro systems and one for soilless mixes). The 2-part professional formula was the first hydroponic fertilizer in the United States. It was also used by Neville (you all know Nevilles Haze) at the Seed Bank of Holland, were they won numerous Harvest Festivals and Cannabis Cups with Cogo's nutrients. Why spend hundreds more on inferior nutrients? Its a no brainer to me but hey, if you want to waiste your money, feel free, its yours! Keep listening to Ed Rosenpants and using General Hydro/Advanced nutrients and I'm sure you'll never have as good a product as Kensington Cellars! Cup Quality vs commercial quality! Enjoy! -City Squirrel
City Squirrel @ Kensington Cellars, Dodge City, MI

Cogo's Original Cannibis Formula is an easy to use, simply outstanding product! This was my first attempt at hydroponic growing and I must say, I am so glad that I was lucky enough to find Cogo's Original Cannabis Formula, the results achieved are well beyond my expectations. Ray Cogo is a genius when it comes to plants and what they require to excel. My "girls" and I cannot Thank you enough for providing this much needed, simple formula and some great advise also! Thank you Ray!
Steve, Southwest Michigan

amazed by this product. started with roots organic. not going back. Received some clones from a friend that had a little yellowing of the leaves. 1 week and 2 cogo Waterings the whole plant is green like it's supposed to be. This is as close to old school as you can get as far as simple indoor growing goes. Thanks cogo
Jordy Kasha Hanners, Michigan

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