Successful Cultivation of Medical Marijuana

Successful cultivation of medical marijuana is neither a mystical pursuit nor a haphazard operation; furthermore, grow rooms themselves require no attention from high priests and shamans. In fact, the application of direct and simple scientific methods is the road to exemplary and cost efficient results. For decades many growers have been misled by erroneous information and even today few...
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Why Cogo’s Original Cannabis Plant Food & Fertilizer ?

Cogo Original Cannabis Formula provides a complete set of necessary marijuana nutrients as a plant food, and also it is one of the few marijuana fertilizers that is environmentally friendly. See some of the qualities of this great plant food and fertilizer: Complete Plant Specific Cannabis Nutrients Cogos Original Cannabis Formula and Cultivators Choice Formula contains all the necessary nutrient...
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Cogo’s Original Cannabis Formula

Gourmet Gardens has been featured in GM Pro Greenhouse as “Innovator of the Year” and also in Growing Edge Magazine. Owner Ray Cogo had his start in the Netherlands Holland in the early 1980’s as an investor in a Coffeeshop. After 2 years in Holland, Ray Cogo purchased 5 plant/crop specific fertilizer formulations for soil-less farming. These 5 formulations are the ORIGINAL...
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Gourmet Gardens Hydroponics

Hydroponic gardening is really catching on in the United States, both on a commercial and hobby level. Popular mainstream gardening publications like National Gardening and Organic Gardening have helped to bring this important cultivation technology to their millions of readers. Ray Cogo of Webberville, Michigan, is one of the people who made it their life’s ambition to educate...
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Formulated Especially for Cannabis

What separates Cogo’s Original Cannabis Formula and Cultivators Choice Formulations from the rest?   Its NEW type of chelated iron (will not kill micro organisms in your soil). NEW chelated zinc which is micromolecule and totally soluble. NEW Potassium nitrate by spontaneous nucleation. Most potassium nitrate in the market is made out of forced...
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