Cogo’s Original Cannabis Formula

Gourmet Gardens has been featured in GM Pro Greenhouse as “Innovator of the Year” and also in Growing Edge Magazine. Owner Ray Cogo had his start in the Netherlands Holland in the early 1980’s as an┬áinvestor in a Coffeeshop. After 2 years in Holland, Ray Cogo purchased 5 plant/crop specific fertilizer formulations for soil-less farming. These 5 formulations are the ORIGINAL DUTCH formulations for hydroponics.

Cogo’s Original Cannabis Formula was used extensively by the legendary “Seed Bank of Holland”. Cogo’s original cannabis formula has been used to grow award winning cannabis flowers at the Cannabis Cup Dutch Harvest Festival in Holland from 1986 thru the early 1990’s.

Ray Cogo brought this formulation to a leader in the fertilizer industry. Cogo’s revolutionized the marijuana fertilizer industry with their fine ground calcium and magnesium formulations. This fine ground process keeps Cogo’s Original Cannabis Formula in Ionic form even in cold water.

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