Gourmet Gardens Hydroponics

baby marijuana plants grown with cogos original cannabis formula fertilizer and plant foodHydroponic gardening is really catching on in the United States, both on a commercial and hobby level. Popular mainstream gardening publications like National Gardening and Organic Gardening have helped to bring this important cultivation technology to their millions of readers.

Ray Cogo of Webberville, Michigan, is one of the people who made it their life’s ambition to educate fellow Americans on this productive and low-impact technology. For the past 11 years, Ray has been studying the world of soilless gardens–traveling, experimenting and harvesting–and now he is on a mission to share his knowledge with the world (or as many people as possible).

His determination to educate people about the ease of hydroponic gardening grew stronger, so he started Gourmet Gardens, a Michigan company that manufactures and sells hydroponic units for outdoor use.

Tami L. Slingerland is a newspaper reporter in Ingham County, Michigan.

For the complete version of this article, see The Growing Edge, Volume 7, Number 3, Spring 1996, page 65.

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