Why Cogo’s Original Cannabis Plant Food & Fertilizer ?

Cogo Original Cannabis Formula provides a complete set of necessary marijuana nutrients as a plant food, and also it is one of the few marijuana fertilizers that is environmentally friendly. See some of the qualities of this great plant food and fertilizer:

Complete Plant Specific Cannabis Nutrients

Cogos Original Cannabis Formula and Cultivators Choice Formula contains all the necessary nutrient elements that are needed for the complete life cycle of the plant in a completely water soluble form.

Balanced Nutrients for easy Marijuana Culture

Cogos Original Cannabis Formula and Cultivators Choice Formula are specialty formulations are for each stage of plant growth: seed sprouting, green top growth, flower bud for fruiting, and ripening for harvest quality. Each stage of growth requires a different ratio of balanced marijuana nutrients.

Environmental Protection

Cogos Original contain no hormones, unnecessary elements or fillers that only increase weight and cost. 100% of all the elements are used for plant growth from seed sprouting to high quality harvest.

Our Cannabis Plant Food and Fertilizer Dissolves Quickly

Cogos Original are dissolved completely without any sediment producing a clear solution. Cogos Original produce solutions in the color of : A yellow and part B blue.

Marijuana Fertilizer remains in Full Ionic State

Marijuana Plants can only use cannabis specific nutrient elements in the ionic form; whether the fertilizer is organic, chemical or biological in origin. If the fertilizer dissolves completely it is in the ionic form.

Cogos Original Cannabis Formula and Cultivators Choice Formula:
Is custom blended for marijuana cultivation

Some fertilizer nutrients are not chemically compatible and form insoluble sediments or harmful chemical reactions that can harm plant growth and destroy soil chemistries.  Cogo’s uses proven modern fertilizer chemistry along with proprietary chemistry to produce marijuana fertilizers that grow crops of the highest quality in the shortest period of time and improve soil quality at the same time with minimal environmental impact at the grow room.

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  1. Mark Pallen

    Hi Ray, I contacted you earlier about your products. I was at my local hydro store today and like you figured ,no Cogos , only General Hydroponics and Advanced products available.
    I am in the 12-1 army and will be trying my hand at a couple bubbling buckets.
    Could you recommend one of your products – I would pay using paypal.
    Thanks for your time ,Mark

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