I am a care giver and have been using home and gardens fertilizers and all of its additives. I have spent as much as 11,599.00 dollars a year on fertilizer. Now I use Cogo's A plus B with no additives and my cost are down to $2000.00 and falling. Cogo's is the way to go...period!!!
Larry, Three Rivers, MI

The produce here at Kensington Cellars has doubled since we've started using Cogo's nutrients. The taste and aroma from the cured flowers is unlike any I have produced before with several other nutrient lines. Cogo's nutrients are all ionic and complete, meaning no more adding cal/mag because of a nutrient deficiency in your nutrients or water. We use city water with no detriment to the plants. There is no more mixing of 20 different bottles of manure, with Cogo's you can use the 2-part professional line or one of (2) 1-part lines (one for hydro systems and one for soilless mixes). The 2-part professional formula was the first hydroponic fertilizer in the United States. It was also used by Neville (you all know Nevilles Haze) at the Seed Bank of Holland, were they won numerous Harvest Festivals and Cannabis Cups with Cogo's nutrients. Why spend hundreds more on inferior nutrients? Its a no brainer to me but hey, if you want to waiste your money, feel free, its yours! Keep listening to Ed Rosenpants and using General Hydro/Advanced nutrients and I'm sure you'll never have as good a product as Kensington Cellars! Cup Quality vs commercial quality! Enjoy! -City Squirrel
City Squirrel @ Kensington Cellars, Dodge City, MI

Ray, I'm loving your nutrients. All my plants are huge, gorgeous, smell great and ohh so sticky! Thank you for supply a great product. Wish I had a way to share pics with you. Thanks again.
Kim, Niles, Mi

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