Cogo's Original Cannabis Formula is so pure, I am in disbelief still. I've only been growing for a year, and using Cogo's has been my best move. My last grow I decided to "push" the plants a little. I monitored my PPM and increased by 50PPM each watering. By the last week of flower My plant was up to 3000 PPM. NO Burn, and the results were incredible!! 38 Ounce Harvest!! 1 Plant, 1 Light (i did us a T8 as supplemental lighting) Thank you Mr. Cogo for your incredible product.
Wayne Gregory, Gun Lake, MI

Ray, I'm loving your nutrients. All my plants are huge, gorgeous, smell great and ohh so sticky! Thank you for supply a great product. Wish I had a way to share pics with you. Thanks again.
Kim, Niles, Mi

Cogo's Original Cannibis Formula is an easy to use, simply outstanding product! This was my first attempt at hydroponic growing and I must say, I am so glad that I was lucky enough to find Cogo's Original Cannabis Formula, the results achieved are well beyond my expectations. Ray Cogo is a genius when it comes to plants and what they require to excel. My "girls" and I cannot Thank you enough for providing this much needed, simple formula and some great advise also! Thank you Ray!
Steve, Southwest Michigan

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