As novice growers, we were suckered in by all the expensive nutrients sold in the grow shops. The balance of chemicals, water, time, headaches and expensive made growing ANYTHING a pain. With COGO, everything is simple! There are only two simple and inexpensive nutrients to mix with any water, even well water (we were running our R.O. system dry, as well as the R.O. system at the local grocery store), adjust your PH level and you are ready to make miracles happen! "COGO SAYS GROW" is the saying around our garden when we look at our healthy, strong and robust plants. From bud to growth to flowering to harvest...COGO works! To all you novice researchers of plant nutrients, if you know about COGO and still try the other nutrients, you are throwing money and time down the drain. It is simple...It works better than anything else we have tried and we tried just about everything. COGO SAYS GROW!!!
Blossom Makers, Washtenaw County, MI

I am a care giver and have been using home and gardens fertilizers and all of its additives. I have spent as much as 11,599.00 dollars a year on fertilizer. Now I use Cogo's A plus B with no additives and my cost are down to $2000.00 and falling. Cogo's is the way to go...period!!!
Larry, Three Rivers, MI

This nutrient is hands down the best for cannabis as well as other herbs and veggies but by far no other company can give me cannabis cup quality and results in there product. Not to mention the money saved now that I am not polluting my water with coslty ineffective additives, and inferior not “Ionic” availability. It has kept my hydro equipment very clean, and kept my garden even happier, fully letting the garden complete the kreb cycle. The aroma, of vegging garden is stronger than dispenary med jars. NO BULLSHIT. Only crap is in the cheaply made nutrient lines out there, and the overpriced hydroponic stores. I have been a do it my self kinda guy and what cogo’s cannabis formula does for my plants even I can’ not duplicate with any other product out there than Cogo’s. So thanks for taking the mixing headaches away, and giving a product that is better than ever expected. Sincerely, Brodie
Scott Brodie, Ann Arbor, Michigan

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