The results I have had utilizing your product far surpasses anything else on the market.
Darryl, Wayne, Michigan

cogo's cannabis formula is the best plant food i've ever used.this is the 1st garden that i've used it and they r the best looking plants i've ever had.none of the usual leaf damage from to much or to little of something or another. dh
dennis halbrook

I used Advanced nutrients for 3 years but got tired of spending so much on different additives. A friend recommended I try Cogo's..Cogo's had been used to grow the plants that won the high times cannabis cup in Holland in the early 1980s. I was skeptical but tried anyways... I will not use another product...this product is clean it is not expensive and needs no additives ... I am sold..
DJ, Union Lake, MI

The produce here at Kensington Cellars has doubled since we've started using Cogo's nutrients. The taste and aroma from the cured flowers is unlike any I have produced before with several other nutrient lines. Cogo's nutrients are all ionic and complete, meaning no more adding cal/mag because of a nutrient deficiency in your nutrients or water. We use city water with no detriment to the plants. There is no more mixing of 20 different bottles of manure, with Cogo's you can use the 2-part professional line or one of (2) 1-part lines (one for hydro systems and one for soilless mixes). The 2-part professional formula was the first hydroponic fertilizer in the United States. It was also used by Neville (you all know Nevilles Haze) at the Seed Bank of Holland, were they won numerous Harvest Festivals and Cannabis Cups with Cogo's nutrients. Why spend hundreds more on inferior nutrients? Its a no brainer to me but hey, if you want to waiste your money, feel free, its yours! Keep listening to Ed Rosenpants and using General Hydro/Advanced nutrients and I'm sure you'll never have as good a product as Kensington Cellars! Cup Quality vs commercial quality! Enjoy! -City Squirrel
City Squirrel @ Kensington Cellars, Dodge City, MI

Hey, I just wanted tell you the garden is doing great with Cogo's!!!
M P, Macomb, MI

As novice growers, we were suckered in by all the expensive nutrients sold in the grow shops. The balance of chemicals, water, time, headaches and expensive made growing ANYTHING a pain. With COGO, everything is simple! There are only two simple and inexpensive nutrients to mix with any water, even well water (we were running our R.O. system dry, as well as the R.O. system at the local grocery store), adjust your PH level and you are ready to make miracles happen! "COGO SAYS GROW" is the saying around our garden when we look at our healthy, strong and robust plants. From bud to growth to flowering to harvest...COGO works! To all you novice researchers of plant nutrients, if you know about COGO and still try the other nutrients, you are throwing money and time down the drain. It is simple...It works better than anything else we have tried and we tried just about everything. COGO SAYS GROW!!!
Blossom Makers, Washtenaw County, MI

amazed by this product. started with roots organic. not going back. Received some clones from a friend that had a little yellowing of the leaves. 1 week and 2 cogo Waterings the whole plant is green like it's supposed to be. This is as close to old school as you can get as far as simple indoor growing goes. Thanks cogo
Jordy Kasha Hanners, Michigan

My hydro store is trying to get me to switch to general hydro so I cloned 2 plants from the same plant put cogo's in one tank and general hydro in the other tank, cogo's is tearing up the competition again.

MAN i love this stuff, i sit back now and think of how much money i lost buying every other product ... that the hydro store sold me on. Now i am respected and treated like a god in the dispensaries my hommie's at the dispensaries gave me a new name the calling me TOP SHELF!!! LOL thank's Ray you kept it 100% - Thank you DR Jay for using Cogo's
DR Jay , Hollyweed, CA

This nutrient is hands down the best for cannabis as well as other herbs and veggies but by far no other company can give me cannabis cup quality and results in there product. Not to mention the money saved now that I am not polluting my water with coslty ineffective additives, and inferior not “Ionic” availability. It has kept my hydro equipment very clean, and kept my garden even happier, fully letting the garden complete the kreb cycle. The aroma, of vegging garden is stronger than dispenary med jars. NO BULLSHIT. Only crap is in the cheaply made nutrient lines out there, and the overpriced hydroponic stores. I have been a do it my self kinda guy and what cogo’s cannabis formula does for my plants even I can’ not duplicate with any other product out there than Cogo’s. So thanks for taking the mixing headaches away, and giving a product that is better than ever expected. Sincerely, Brodie
Scott Brodie, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Cogo's Original Cannabis Formula is so pure, I am in disbelief still. I've only been growing for a year, and using Cogo's has been my best move. My last grow I decided to "push" the plants a little. I monitored my PPM and increased by 50PPM each watering. By the last week of flower My plant was up to 3000 PPM. NO Burn, and the results were incredible!! 38 Ounce Harvest!! 1 Plant, 1 Light (i did us a T8 as supplemental lighting) Thank you Mr. Cogo for your incredible product.
Wayne Gregory, Gun Lake, MI

Cogo's Original Cannibis Formula is an easy to use, simply outstanding product! This was my first attempt at hydroponic growing and I must say, I am so glad that I was lucky enough to find Cogo's Original Cannabis Formula, the results achieved are well beyond my expectations. Ray Cogo is a genius when it comes to plants and what they require to excel. My "girls" and I cannot Thank you enough for providing this much needed, simple formula and some great advise also! Thank you Ray!
Steve, Southwest Michigan

I am a care giver and have been using home and gardens fertilizers and all of its additives. I have spent as much as 11,599.00 dollars a year on fertilizer. Now I use Cogo's A plus B with no additives and my cost are down to $2000.00 and falling. Cogo's is the way to go...period!!!
Larry, Three Rivers, MI

Simply amazing!!! My Plants are four to five times bigger than the plants I cloned them from using techna flora nutrients. No ten to twelve bottles of junk to mix. My tanks are very very clean!!! :) And the tomatoes that I fertilize with the waste water from the water changes are already five foot tall first day of summer. Thank you!
Karl, Belleville, MI